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Winch Isolator

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Daystar's Winch Isolators are designed for SmittyBilt Winches and provide a clean and easy way to store the winch hook when not in use.

You install it over the winch cable, the Winch Isolator nests inside the roller fairlead, while the newly added thimble provides a rest for the winch hook that also prevents rattling. The KU71121BK Winch Isolator is made of a durable polyurethane material. Daystar Winch Hook Isolators eliminate unwanted rattles or the need to attach it to a recovery point if not in use. Installation is easy! Simply disconnect your winch hook and run your cable through the isolator to reinstall your hook. Once installed, Daystar Winch Hook Isolators between the rollers of your fairlead and they will not interfere with winching operations. All winch isolators are solid urethane construction.

Features of the KU71121BK Winch Isolator:
  • Color Black
  • Solid 1 Piece
  • Durable Polyurethane Material
  • Fits Smittybilt Winch Rollers
  • Gives You Practical Place To Secure Winch Hook
  • Made In The USA


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