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Kinetic Recovery Ropes (also known as a snatch ropes or yanker ropes) are designed to stretch, to smoothly transfer the kinetic energy of a recovering vehicle to a vehicle that is stuck. The ability of the rope to stretch is key, and sets the design of a Kinetic Recovery Rope apart from a typical tow rope or tow strap. Daystar's Kinetic Recovery Ropes are designed and built with the express purpose of stretching under load, to provide a smooth and powerful pull. Some key features that set our Kinetic Recovery Ropes apart:

  • 100% Double Braid Nylon.
  • Abrasion protection in the eyes and on the rope body.
  • Optional fiber-lock coating of the exterior in a custom color.
  • Up To 30% Elongation Under Load.

Benefits of Using Daystar Products International Kinetic Recovery Ropes over other recovery/tow equipment:

  • More Durable and Less Susceptible to Damage from Normal Wear and Tear
  • Decreased Shock Loads on Recovery Mouting Points
  • Superior Performance Recovering Larger Vehicles With Much Smaller Tow Vehicle
  • Superior Performance in Very Low Traction Situations
  • Light Weight and Portable


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