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Firewall Boot

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  1. Firewall Boot Single 3/8 Inch to 1 Inch Diameter Wire Bundles by Daystar
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    Brand : Daystar
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  2. Firewall Boot 5 Pack 3/8 Inch to 1 Inch Diameter Wire Bundles by Daystar
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    Brand : Daystar
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    MSRP $54.99
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Daystar firewall boots are perfect little solutions to leaky rubber grommets. Run hoses or air lines, or wire your vehicle's stereo or gauges--the applications are unlimited! There are no sharp edges on our firewall boots to cause chaffing or shorts. Your project is sealed from the elements, too. Daystar firewall boots are the perfect, leak-free way to secure wires through bulkheads, firewalls, and more. Daystar universal-fit boots are also heat-resistant and will be able to handle thicknesses and/or bundles from 3/8 in. to 1 in. Install them yourself, run your wire, trim the boots to size, and secure them with a zip tie. Installation is safe, simple, and cleanly done!

Don't wait! Buy an amazing firewall boot for your vehicle today!

Features of the Daystar Firewall Boot:
  • Single
  • Tight and Secure Seal
  • Trim-to-fit 3/8 inch 11/16 inch and 1 inch diameter wire bundles
  • Protects Your Wires inch Hoses For Your Safety
  • Prevents Wire Chafing and Shorts
  • Universal Fit
  • Made in the USA


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