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Action Camera Mounts

Everything your off-road vehicle needs to keep your action camera safe and accessible is available from Daystar. We provide a variety of bases for anchoring action cameras whether your upcoming off-road excursion entails Overlanding, rock crawling, mudding, or hitting the dunes. Explore through the whole selection of Daystar's action camera mounts to be primed for the next adventurous drive.

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Options of Action Camera Mounts

Daystar action camera mounts allow you to capture all the action from your off-road vehicles. Simply attach the adapter to the action camera arm and mounting base for nearly endless adjustment and vibration damping—it is compatible with most brands of action cameras.
  • Suction Cup Mounts
    Put your action cameras on your off-roading vehicles with Daystars suction cup mounts and take your adventures to the next level. This 150+ mph-tested, industrial-strength suction cup mount is designed to guarantee the best stability possible and a wide range of motion. The adjustable arms enable extremely compact installation. Use a clean surface to connect to for the strongest gripping power.
  • Tripod Mounts
    Utilize Daystar’s tripod mount for your action camera to capture your travels like never before. By utilizing portable and robust tech, this strong mount provides a creative outdoor option. When a camera is mounted on a tripod, the mounting head often has a mechanism that allows it to be tilted and rotated, allowing maximum flexibility to your camera.
  • Chest Mounts
    Chest mounts can be readily adjusted to comfortably fit a variety of body shapes and are composed of breathable, lightweight materials. It's ideal for deeds like riding, hiking, skiing, and other outdoor actions where you want stunning POV shots. A dependable ally for taking immersive hands-free video.
  • Handlebar Mounts
    Redefine your adventures, record, and share the experience with Daystar's handlebar mounts, which are a terrific way to keep your action camera nearby. Simple to use, these mounts take only a few seconds to connect or detach.

Features of Action Camera Mount Kits

Daystar's action camera mounts allow you to capture all the action from your off-road vehicle. Compatible with most brands of action cameras, the features of Daystar's mounts are listed below.
  • All of Daystar's action camera mounts have an anodized finish.
  • Engineered to provide a broad range of motion and stability.
  • The mounts have Kevlar-infused polyurethane isolators and aluminum hardware, making these the strongest POV mounts in the market today.
  • Durable construction prevents slipping and breaking and minimizes vibration and camera shake.
  • The mounts can withstand the toughest on and off-road conditions.
  • Come with a fully adjustable ball mount to position your POV Camera in any direction you want.

Benefits of Using an Action Camera Mount

Capturing your experiences can be easier regardless of whatever terrain you are in with Daystar's action camera mounts. You’ll never get that perfect shot if your action camera isn’t ready and rolling, and what better way than to attach it to your action camera mount? If you're still wondering what action camera mounts can do, check out the benefits below.
  • Mounts for different angles
    Different camera positions can help tell your experience. Shoot from above, below, or from eye level. Everything is captured perfectly with mounts. Engineered to provide a broad range of motion and stability.
  • More secure setup
    A stable platform for capturing incredibly immersive hands-free footage. Live in the moment without worrying about the safety of your camera. The comfortable grip and safety strap ensure maximum security, no matter your situation.
  • Easier to get creative
    The best action camera head mount and the right accessories allow users to capture footage from new and unique perspectives and be more creative.
  • Designed to be durable
    Mounts are generally made up of high-rigidity aluminum alloy for extended durability and lightweight. Daystar's action camera mount is a great option for anyone looking for a camera mount that's versatile, durable, and best of all, very affordable.

FAQs of Action Camera Mounts

  • What is an action camera mount?
    Action camera mounts are necessary to secure your camera and steady your video recording. They come in a range of types, including suction cup mounts, portable mounts, chest mounts, etc.
  • Do all action cameras use the same mounts?
    No, not every action camera uses the same type of mount. In truth, there are several different action camera mounts on the market, each made to fit a particular type of camera.
  • How do you mount an action camera in a car?
    One can use Daystar's action camera mounts to install your camera in a car to capture those experiences. The durable construction of Daystar's mounts prevents slipping and breaking and minimizes vibration and camera shake.
  • How do you carry an action camera?
    The easiest method to keep your hands free while taking amazing videos is to use an action camera chest mount. There are many innovative mounting options for action cameras, with chest and suction mounts being two of the most commonly used variants.
  • Is it worth buying a cheap action camera?
    Action cameras pack a lot of cool specs and features in a small body, which you can take everywhere when you have the right accessories. You can’t mount your smartphone to your head or car bumper because you will neither get the results nor the gadget will be safe. So, investing in the best action camera can provide the best footage that you need, and it’s worth the money.
  • Where do you put a camera on a car?
    The camera can be put on the dashboard or the rear side for reverse action depending on the need and use of the action camera.

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