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Bolt Kits

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Daystar's Bolt Kits are available in both application-specific kits as well as universal kits perfect for the fabricator. These kits contain bushings with flutes that allow grease to cover your bushing surface, eliminating squeaks and wear. The grease is delivered via rifle-drilled bolts with an easy-to-access grease zerk and grease hole in the center.

These bolt kits include the specified bushings, bolts, and sleeves in one convenient package. Combine our Daystar Greasable Bolt and Bushing Kits with our Lubrathane, a new blend of grease that resists contamination and will never degrade Polyurethane bushings.

Don't wait! Buy an amazing bolt kit for your vehicle today!

Features of the Daystar Greaseable Bolt and Bushings Kit:

  • Rear Durable Polyurethane Material
  • Improves Handling And Performance Characteristics
  • Vehicle Fluid And Road Grime Resistant
  • Enables Maintenance of Movable Suspension Components
  • Made In The USA


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Daystar has been helping other off roading enthusiasts with their suspension upgrades and lifts for years. Our knowledgeable staff knows exactly what you need to improve your vehicle because we are off-roaders ourselves! Our parts are tested in the workshop as well as on the trail so that we can bring you superior quality at an affordable price. Upgrade your truck, car, UTV or motorcycle today. We give you a lot more for less!

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