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Motor & Transmission Mounts

Daystar Motor & Transmission Mounts are the perfect fit for the New Performance vehicles of today. With Jeeps reaching over 300 horsepower, stock motor mounts don’t  stand a chance of survival! Plus, imagine the strain a jeep or a truck with lower gearing creates when crawling over obstacles or blazing across the desert; constant on-and-off loads are introduced in RPM ranges normal vehicles never see. That is where Daystar comes in... we know most of the performance Jeeps and trucks serve a dual life: They not only crawl the rocks in Moab but also have to drive home when the fun is over. All of Daystar’s Mounts are constructed of heavy-duty steel that is fully welded and interlocked for Extreme Duty strength.  Daystar uses its special blend of Polyurethane to isolate the mount from the engine and reduce the amount of power loss a traditional mount allows. A n additional feature of the Daystar mount is that it resists oil and grease much better than stock rubber, increasing the longevity of the mount. Motor Mounts are available for most Jeeps and Chevrolet vehicles.

Transfer Case Drop Kits 

Jeep- and Toyota-specific, Daystar Transfer Case Drops are the perfect compliment to Comfort Ride lifts and also the taller lifts that normally require transfer case drops. Made from Heavy-Duty Polyurethane for durability and vibration isolation, these kits will help bring the drive line angle closer to stock, thus relieving operating angles and increasing the life expectancy of critical drive line parts. Daystar offers the drops in many colors and applications; including Jeep and Toyota.


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