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Control Arm & Radius Arm Bushing

Radius arm and control arm bushings represent the critical link between your vehicle’s frame and suspension, yet many aftermarket suspension companies neglect to include these components with their standard lift systems.   Symptoms of worn radius / control arm bushings include wandering, vague steering input, and even the infamous “death wobble.”  Don’t compromise when it comes to upgrading or restoring your vehicle’s suspension.  Daystar replacement bushings offer vastly improved handling characteristics and better overall “feel” of your vehicle in addition to extending the life of your tires. Replacing your soft, worn, and cracked bushings with Daystar’s polyurethane performance replacement bushings nets real-world gains at an affordable price.  Daystar bushings can even correct your vehicle’s geometry for proper caster and camber alignment with a lift system. When overhauling or upgrading the suspension on your ride, why cut corners and compromise by re-using marginal and inferior factory parts?


Features and Benefits

• Assorted colors available 

• Increases performance and handling characteristics 

• Replaces worn bushings often overlooked by aftermarket suspension manufacturers

• Bushings are resistant to most vehicle fluids and are road grime resistant

• Limited Lifetime Warranty


Daystar MX
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