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Tierra del Sol 2011 (TDS) + Fred & Trent's Really Bad Idea Road Trip  youtube iconfacebook icon
March 2011

This week, Daystar returns from the 49th annual Tierra del Sol Desert Safari event. TDS, as it's known, features nearly endless trails, a huge vendor show and an enormous Saturday night raffle. Plus, check out the video highlights of Daystar's Trent McGee and 4Wheel & Off-Road's Fred Willams during their "Really Bad Idea Road Trip".


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Tierra del Sol 2011
Really Bad Idea Road Trip
Tierra del Sol 2011 (TDS)
tds welcome

Daystar was out once again supporting grassroots events at the 49th annual Tierra del Sol off-road event, which was held in the Truckhaven hills in Southern California.  This year's event proved to be just as large as years past, with hundreds of off-road enthusiasts converging on this remote OHV area for a weekend of four-wheeling fun.  Hosted by the Tierra del Sol Four Wheel Drive Club of San Diego, the predominant terrain is a seemingly endless stream of "nachos," which are extremely tight, narrow canyons that demand a flexy suspension and a keen sense of your rig's center of gravity in order to conquer.  However, the terrain also provides a chance to test and even exceed that center of gravity without fear of serious body damage, as there's primarily soft dirt and very little rock to cause dents and scratches. 



 Aside from the record attendance, the big buzz of the weekend was the unveiling of a brand new man-made off-road training and obstacle course that was located adjacent to the vendor area.  This obstacle course, a permanent fixture of the OHV area, consists of a variety obstacles that vary from mild to seriously hardcore.  This new area provides an opportunity for beginners to learn the ropes in a controlled environment, and for the hardcore guys to do some extreme testing without really leaving the parking area!



As usual, the event included a huge vendor display area, guided trail rides, and an enormous raffle on Saturday night.  Daystar once again sponsored the light board that is used during the raffle in addition to contributing a variety of products to the raffle.  All of the raffle proceeds go toward non-profit organizations dedicated to keeping land open for off-road recreation.  Daystar is looking forward to next year's event, its 50th, where the club plans to pull out all the stops for a massive event in 2012. 


Check out Daystar's Facebook page for photos of the event as well as the Tierra del Sol Four Wheel Drive club for more information on attending next year!



Fred & Trent's Really Bad Idea Road Trip
bad idea trip

Awhile back we posted some of the details on Fred and Trent's Bad Idea Trip, where Daystar's Trent McGee and 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine's Fred Williams drove Trent's open-topped buggy to Montana in the middle of January, then drove Fred's open-topped diesel JK back.  Check out some videos that cover the duo's treck to the great white North and back.

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